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Professional Summary


Co Founder & CTO

Jan 2023


I enjoy solving complex data and AI problems and am passionate about tech. 

Bangalore, IN

Data Enabler

Mar 2021 - Dec 2022


Building large-scale data engineering platform for more than 800TB data with various data sources. 

Bangalore, IN

Cloud & Data Architect

Jun 2018 - Feb 2021

Searce Inc

Bangalore, IN

Managing complex cloud infrastructure migrations, and handling large-scale database deployments and migrations. Building data engineering platforms.

Tech Lead - SRE & Databases

Mar 2015 - Jun 2018

PowerupCloud (an LTI company)

Bangalore, IN

Played an SRE role to manage 5k+ Servers(multiple customer environments), responsible for uptime, performance and resilience of infrastrucure and database servers. 

Professional Skillset

Data Engineering & Analysis

Problem Solving

Solutions Architect

Tech Innovation

Database Administrator

Generative AI


English (proficient)

Tamil (native)

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